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Troubleshooting When Your Heating System Isn’t Warming Your Home

Furnace Troubleshooting

Winter weather may be brutal, but a reliable heating system makes this season manageable. In fact, an estimated 97 percent of residents of the United States have some form of heat-producing equipment in their homes. It can be frustrating to turn the heater on only to discover that the system is not warming your home, but there are several scenarios that are easily investigated without the need to call a professional. Take time to complete these steps first.

Preliminary Troubleshooting Steps

A lack of heat may not actually be the result of a heater malfunction. The following areas should be checked first:

  • Thermostat – an error in settings could cause your central HVAC system to deliver cold air. Verify that your temperature settings are as desired and that heat is selected. Check for weak thermostat batteries as well.
  • Filter – a dirty air filter can cause problems with your equipment. Verify the condition, making a change if needed.
  • Ducts – if the lack of warm air is restricted to just part of the home, there may be a blockage in the ducts or a leak. This may warrant professional attention, but you can verify by checking to see if the temperature problem is consistent at all vents or restricted to just a portion of the home.
  • Energy source – verify that the gas is on for a gas-powered furnace or boiler. Check the fuse box for tripped switches regardless of the type of heating system.

If these steps have not resolved or identified the problem, you will need to call for professional heating repair.

Preventive Care to Limit Heating Repair Needs

Fall heating maintenance is an important measure for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your equipment. Service should be completed annually for the best efficiency and safety results.

Expert HVAC Support

Dyess Air is pleased to provide comprehensive heater services to our customers in Rincon, GA. Learn more about our furnace and central heating maintenance and repair services online, or contact our Rincon office at (843) 242-0855 to schedule an appointment.