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Everyone loves to save money, including residents and business owners in Claxton, Georgia. At Dyess Air & Plumbing, we are committed to providing customers with affordable pricing, quality products, and superior service. Our heating and AC repair experts in Claxton offer emergency services for those unexpected breakdowns, so you can continue to enjoy life without stressing from one minute to the next about your heating and cooling system.

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Types of Services

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Cooling your home in Claxton, Georgia, is easy with our NATE-certified technicians at Dyess Air & Plumbing. When air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless systems experience issues, our professionals will assess and diagnose what the problem is before it becomes an expensive nightmare. Catching signs of wear and tear early lengthen the lifespan of your cooling system, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it before you are financially ready. When the time comes, Dyess Air & Plumbing has you covered with affordable Carrier and Trane products to cool your home. We offer financing options if you qualify and provide options that will fit with your budget.

Heating Repair & Installation

When winter hits, Dyess Air & Plumbing is available 24/7 to perform heating repairs when you need them the most. Our HVAC professionals are trained to notice irregularities in your heating system that can cause major problems in the future. By diagnosing early signs of wear and tear, your heating system performs more efficiently and lasts longer. At times, unexpected repairs can be costly, forcing you to purchase a new furnace, heat pump, or ductless system. We proudly carry Trane and Carrier products for new installations plus replacement parts for the inevitable breakdown. Our technicians are qualified to perform installations and repairs without compromising any warranty in effect.

Commercial HVAC Repair & Installation

Creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your business does more than just keep customers coming back. It also ensures your employees are happy, which boosts their productivity and improves your profits. When you are experiencing issues with your commercial unit, don’t hesitate to contact Dyess Air & Plumbing. Our technicians will diagnose what is wrong and fix the problem so you can worry about running your business. We will let you know when repairs are adding up and when it might be time to invest in a new commercial heating and cooling system. We carry dependable Carrier and Trane products that are perfect for any office.

Quality Carrier & Trane Products

Take the guesswork out of your heating and cooling decisions by installing a Carrier or Trane product in your home or office. Our Claxton heating and cooling technicians are licensed to install any unit, plus maintenance and repair work can be completed without breaking the warranty. Choose wisely the next time you need to purchase a replacement unit and call Dyess Air & Plumbing!

Claxton Plumbing Services

In Claxton, GA, plumbing services play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to quality and reliability, our local plumbing professionals in Claxton offer a comprehensive range of services to address various plumbing needs. From routine maintenance tasks such as leak repairs, pipe inspections, and water heater maintenance to emergency services for burst pipes or clogged drains, our skilled plumbers prioritize customer satisfaction. Residents and businesses in Claxton can rely on our experts for timely and efficient solutions, utilizing modern tools and techniques to diagnose and resolve plumbing issues. 

Our Plumbing Services Include:

To get started with our trustworthy team, call us at (843) 242-0855. Our team is here to provide you with everything you need for a long-lasting, reliable home comfort system.


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