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Our climate in the Coastal Empire is perfect for heat pumps. These appliances work by transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors, and they are perfect for both hot summers and cool winters. When it’s warm outside, heat pumps extract the heat from your home and send it outdoors. In the winter, they remove the heat from the outdoor air and use it to warm your home to a comfortable temperature. If you think it may be time to schedule heat pump installation in Bluffton, Dyess Air & Plumbing can help you determine whether or not a heat pump is the right choice for your home. We serve customers throughout South Carolina.

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Save Money & Electricity

Because they transfer heat and don’t generate it, heat pumps are more energy efficient than other types of units. Making the change to a heat pump can save you as much as 50 percent on your heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of system you currently have.

Benefits of installing a heat pump for your Bluffton home include:

  • Lower running costs - 
    One huge benefit to heat pumps is the ability to run your heat pump at lower costs than traditional heating methods.
  • More energy efficient - 
    Heat pumps are much more energy efficient as they take the warm air that is outside and pump it into your home. It does the opposite of this during the summer. Heat pumps are a two in one system and will benefit you and your monthly energy costs.
  • Quiet operation - 
    Heat pumps run much quieter than your normal HVAC system. This is due to the fact that the compressor of the heat pump is placed outside which helps remove a lot of the extra noise that you would hear from a traditional heating and air conditioning unit.

We offer a range of heat pumps to meet your needs and have experts available to help you decide which unit is right for you. Call us today for a free consultation for heat pump installation in Bluffton!

How Long Does a Heat Pump Last?

The expected lifespan of a heat pump typically ranges from 15 to 20 years

However, several factors can influence the actual lifespan of a heat pump:

  • Quality of installation: A properly installed heat pump is more likely to last longer. A professional installation that follows manufacturer guidelines and best practices can significantly impact the heat pump's durability.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure a long lifespan for your heat pump. Routine inspections, cleaning, and servicing can help prevent wear and tear, as well as address any minor issues before they become major problems.
  • Usage: The frequency of use can affect a heat pump's lifespan. Heat pumps used year-round for both heating and cooling may have a shorter lifespan compared to those used only for heating or cooling during specific seasons.
  • Climate: The climate in which the heat pump operates also plays a role. Heat pumps in milder climates may last longer than those in extreme hot or cold regions. Harsh weather conditions can put additional stress on the unit.
  • Brand and quality: The quality of the heat pump brand and model can impact its longevity. Higher-quality units from reputable manufacturers often have longer lifespans.
  • Type of heat pump: Different types of heat pumps, such as air-source and ground-source (geothermal), may have variations in lifespan. Ground-source heat pumps tend to have longer lifespans due to the stable ground temperature they utilize.
  • Proper sizing: Using a properly sized heat pump that matches the heating and cooling requirements of your home can prevent the system from overworking, which can extend its lifespan.
  • Warranty: The warranty provided by the manufacturer can be an indicator of the expected lifespan. High-quality heat pumps often come with longer warranties.

It's important to note that while a heat pump may have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years, some units may last longer, and others may need replacement earlier. 

Regular maintenance, attentive care, and addressing any issues promptly can help maximize the lifespan of your heat pump. 

Additionally, consulting the manufacturer's recommendations and warranty terms is advisable for specific information regarding the expected lifespan of a particular heat pump model.

Signs You Need Professional Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump is designed to keep your warm on those cold winter nights and cool on those hot summer days. The last thing you want to experience is your home feeling like an igloo or like a sauna due to a broken heat pump.

Call Dyess Air & Plumbing for professional heat pump repair if you notice:

  • Loud noises - 
    Heat pumps are generally very quiet, so it's a clear indicator that your heat pump may need repair if you are hearing a loud rattling or even groaning noise.
  • Lack of heat - 
    If you notice that your heat pump isn't providing enough heat to warm your home, it could be that your heat pump has a refrigerant leak or a problem with the compressor. Contact us today for our expert heat pump repair services.
  • High electric bills - 
    If your electric bill seems to be going up month over month, it could be that your heat pump is in need of repair. If your heat pump has to work twice as hard to make your home comfortable, it means it's using twice as much energy to do so.

Trane & Carrier Heat Pump Installation in Bluffton

Trane and Carrier heat pumps provide you with excellence in heating, cooling and dehumidifying. Trane and Carrier have a variety of lines to meet your specific needs. Unsure of what Trane or Carrier line will best suit your needs? Our experts are well versed in these systems and can guide you toward the heat pump best suited for your lifestyle and budget.

Call (843) 242-0855 today or contact us online to learn more about the benefits of installing a heat pump in your Bluffton home!

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