Why a Heat Pump Could Be the Ideal Solution for Your Home

If your air conditioning system is not working properly, it may be time to install a new unit. Heat pumps offer an energy-saving solution for indoor comfort. Heat pumps are extremely efficient at cooling and removing humidity when compared with traditional air conditioners. They are also effective for heating during winter in Bluffton, South Carolina. A heat pump can reduce energy consumption by up to 60 percent depending on the type of unit selected.

Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps transfer existing heat from one place to another instead of using fuel for cooling air. During the hot summer months, heat is removed from a building’s interior and routed outside. There are three types of heat pumps. During winter, heat is extracted from the air, ground or water and routed inside.

Air-source heat pumps transfer heat between a building and the outside air. Air-source heat pumps are the most common type used in the United States.

Geothermal heat pumps consist of loops of coils either buried underground or submerged in a nearby waterbody such as a lake or pond. Even in extreme temperatures, subsurface soils remain at a constant temperature of about 55 degrees F throughout the year. This temperature is closer to the target temperature no matter what the outside air temperature is.

Mini-split ductless heat pumps are air-source heat pumps for buildings without ducts. The unit is placed inside a room and connected by a conduit containing refrigerant and wiring to an outdoor compressor. Unlike ducted systems that distribute conditioned air throughout a building, each room in a ductless system is individually controlled.

Dyess Air & Plumbing of Hilton Head, South Carolina, provides new installations, maintenance, repairs, and 24-hour emergency service. We are a Trane Comfort Specialist and a Carrier Authorized Dealer, designations that mean impeccable customer service and state-of-the-art technical know-how. We install and maintain all types of energy-efficient heat pumps including geothermal units.

For more information about how a heat pump can provide a comfortable indoor environment in your residence, call (843) 242-0855 to speak with one of our NATE certified technicians.

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