Why Won’t My AC Turn On?

Man getting frustrated with his broken AC

Summer is in full swing, and that means it's time to break out the air conditioner! But what if your AC won't turn on? Don't worry! We're here to help!

Reasons Your AC Won't Turn On

In this blog post, we will provide you with some of the most common reasons why an AC might not be turning on and some ways you can fix the issue.

Thermostat Issues

One common reason why your AC might not be turning on is because of an issue with the thermostat. If the thermostat is not set correctly, it can prevent the AC from turning on.

First, check to make sure your thermostat is on and set to cool. If the thermostat is not on, it could be because the batteries are dead. Be sure to replace the batteries in the thermostat.

If your thermostat still doesn't switch on, you may have an electrical problem that you should leave to a professional to handle.

Tripped Breaker

If your thermostat wasn't the problem, then you should check your electrical panel and your disconnect box.

Start by checking your electrical box to see if a circuit breaker has "tripped." If it turns out a breaker has tripped, then you just turn it off and then back on.

Blown Fuse

Another electrical problem that could be affecting your system is a blown fuse. To check if that's the problem, you should first turn off the air conditioner and power supply. Next, go to the fuse box, which can be found outside of your home, near the condenser unit. Once you've located it, perform a continuity test with a multimeter. If one of the fuses turns out to be blown, you can replace it yourself, but it's safer to leave the job to a professional.

Clogged Filter

Have you cleaned or changed your air conditioner's air filter in the last 90 days (60 if you have a pet)? If you haven't, then a clog could be the source of your problem.

Clogged air filters don't just affect the quality of your air; they can also prevent your AC from turning on. To fix this problem, you simply need to clean or replace your cooling unit's air filter.

Motor Problem

If you tried all the above solutions and your AC still won't turn on, it is possible that there is a problem with the motor. Try resetting the motor by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. If the problem persists, you may need to call a professional for help.

Leave It to the Experts

Instead of going through all the trouble of diagnosing your air conditioner issues yourself, why not leave it to a professional? The expert team at Dyess Air & Plumbing can root out the cause of your cooling problems and ensure your system gets fixed fast!

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