Fun Ways to Save Energy with the Kids


Saving energy is an important activity that everyone in the family can get involved in. Join the movement to make Bluffton, South Carolina, air cleaner by getting your kids as involved in your energy-efficient activities as the adults. The right activities can make energy saving as fun as it is beneficial for everyone involved.

Implement Energy Police

Designate a different child to act as the energy police each day and task that child with making sure lights, fans, and appliances are off when no one is in the room. Explain how fans can make you feel cooler when you’re there to enjoy the flow of air, but they don’t really lower the temperature if there’s no one to enjoy their effect. Stopping the flow of unneeded electricity can have a big impact if your family is in the habit of leaving things on.

Prepare Cold Meals

Cold meals are a great challenge for kids because they’re safer to prepare than those that require the oven or stovetop. Ask your children to put together the most colorful salad or creative sandwich possible for lunch. Point out how you’re saving energy and keeping the house cool at the same time by leaving kitchen appliances off.

Adjust Your Window Coverings

Have your kids draw a map of the house, paying particular attention to windows. Chart the path of the sun throughout the day and circle windows where there’s a lot of sunlight during particular times. Assign each child a window or room to manage. Explain the benefits of closing blinds and drapes when you want the room cooler and opening them when you want natural heating.

Getting children involved in your energy-saving activities will put extra hands and minds to work helping you manage and minimize energy use in your home. For more opportunities to save energy in your home, contact Dyess Air & Plumbing at (843) 242-0855. We can help you find the right systems and strategies to improve your energy efficiency.

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