How to Save With a Variable Speed System

As long as your home is comfortable, you may not consider what speed your HVAC system is operating at. In fact, many air conditioners and heat pumps only have one option. Upgrading to a variable speed motor can drastically change the way you maintain comfort in your home, helping you minimize energy use and slash the utility bill for your Beaufort, SC home.

A One-Stage Vs. Two-Stage HVAC System

Most standard heat pumps air conditioners have one-stage systems. They’re either on or off, but there’s no variation in the speed. Working full-out all the time is an exhaustive way to operate. Variable speed systems, also known as two-stage systems, operate differently. The compressor in a variable speed system can operate at different speeds, responding to variations in temperature or humidity as needed to give you the best results.

How You Save

If you want to minimize energy use with a one-speed system, your best option is to set the thermostat back so it doesn’t operate as often. However, you’ll take a hit to your home comfort with this strategy. A variable speed system maintains the same level of comfort while using less energy in the process. With two different speeds to choose from, your system can help you maintain the same temperature and humidity levels that you’re used to while running at a lower, more affordable, speed.

Upgrading Your Installation

You can’t add a variable speed compressor to an existing HVAC unit. These are independent systems. You will need to upgrade your HVAC installation to take advantage of the benefits of two-speed operation. If you have an older HVAC system that’s ready for a replacement, upgrading to any new product will help you cut back on your energy bill. Making that new system a variable speed product will only increase your savings further.

Variable speed motors are a smart choice for any homeowner looking to increase efficiency and affordability without minimizing home comfort. If you’re ready for a new system installation, we can help you find the perfect product for your home. Contact Dyess Air & Plumbing at (843) 242-0855.

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