How to Make Sure My AC Continues to Run Great Until the End of Summer

Dyess Air Truck

The hot summers of Savannah, GA, and the surrounding communities require the use of an air conditioner to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Whether you are a homeowner or a building manager, following the tips in this article will help ensure reliable AC performance.

Keep Filters Clean

Dirty filters restrict the flow of air, causing your air conditioner to work harder. Dirt is also pulled into the air handler part of the system and travels to the evaporator coil. For units with ductwork, dust also gets carried into and through air ducts. Unfiltered dust then blows into living areas, creating unhealthy living conditions.

Cleaning or changing every AC filter regularly prevents such problems and keeps your unit running at peak efficiency. If you have a central air conditioner, there are filters in the air conditioner itself as well as at strategic locations throughout the length of the ductwork. For room air conditioners, look inside the unit’s grill.

Clean the Condensate Line and Drain Pan

The condensate line of central units carries water outdoors. These units usually have a drain pan indoors as a safety measure. If this pan has moisture in it, the condensate drain line most likely is clogged. It’s is easy to use a shop vacuum to suction out the line’s opening outdoors. Accessing the line from indoors to pour chlorinated water through it after cleaning also helps.

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