How Ventilation Is Important to Your Health and Indoor Air Quality

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Proper Ventilation and Health 

As houses become more energy efficient, tighter building shells reduce the natural exchange of indoor and outdoor air. The lack of adequate air exchange can affect the quality of your indoor air. Indoor air may become stale in addition to higher concentrations of pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency discusses the importance of ventilating a building and how it improves indoor air quality.

Importance of Ventilation

Proper air exchange refreshes the air. Indoor air contains dust, volatile organic compounds, fumes from cooking and other airborne particulates that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Natural and mechanical air exchange systems draw air from outside and expel stale indoor air. Natural air exchange occurs by air infiltrating through cracks and holes in the building shell and by opening doors and windows. Mechanical air exchange systems include ceiling fans, attic fans, spot-source exhaust fans and whole-house systems that combine fans and ducts for air circulation and exchange.

Proper air exchange helps cool during warm weather and contributes to moisture control. During the summer months, warm air can be mechanically removed from inside and replaced with cooler air during cooler times of day. During the hottest times of day, awnings, trees and other forms of shade helps keep the air around a building cool. Providing shade from the sun reduces the load on air conditioning units.

Indoor Air Solutions

When outside humidity and temperatures are high, like during the summer months in Savannah, Georgia, differences in temperature may not be great enough to cool a house. A certified heating and air conditioning contractor can evaluate your indoor environment and recommend products that remove humidity and enhance indoor air quality. Air purification systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and mechanical ventilators are some of the options that work with central air conditioning systems, and ductless mini-split systems.

Dyess Air & Plumbing’s Clean Air Solutions

The NATE certified technicians at Dyess Air & Plumbing are trained to evaluate the unique conditions of your home and recommend the appropriate heating, cooling and indoor air solutions that will provide you with the comfort you expect in your home. We also offer replacement services if necessary. Call (843) 242-0855 for more information about ventilators and other products that keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

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