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Tired of high utility bills? Well, one way to cut energy costs—alternative heating methods. Heat your environment more efficiently with these tips and tricks!

8 Unconventional Ways to Heat Your Home

Add Curtains To Windows

You lose a ton of radiant heat through the windows of your home. Adding curtains further insulates your home, retaining more heat and increasing your felt temperature.

Cook and Bake

The more you use your oven and your stove the better! These are heat-generating appliances, meaning they will actually warm your home while you use them. So, time to start cooking and baking!

Place Tinfoil Behind Your Radiator

If your radiator is placed by an external wall, you are losing a ton of heat, and might as well throw your money down your drain. Prevent heat loss through external walls by putting a piece of tin foil behind your radiator. This acts as a reflector, and heat will bounce back into your home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

It was time for a change anyway! Rearranging furniture is not only a great way to change up the feng shui of your home for the holidays, but it is also an easy way to stay warm during cooler months. Move your furniture away from all of your windows. This will ensure that you are not losing radiant heat; therefore, keeping you comfortably warm!

Rotate Your Fans Clockwise

There is a tiny switch on the side of your ceiling fan—flip it! This will cause your fan to rotate clockwise, pushing warm air down towards you. Just a reminder: only turn fans on when you’re in the room, as they only adjust the climate in the room in which they hang.

Seal Air Leaks

If you have cracks around your windows or doors, running your heating system will only waste your money, as your generated warm air will leak out of your home. This is actually the most common source of heat loss in homes; yet, the solution is simple. To seal any cracks and leaks, place weatherstripping around your doors and caulking around your windows. If you have never used either material, it’s best to call a professional to seal your leaks.

Switch Up Your Bed Sheets

It is really as simple and changing your covers. Instead of cotton, use a heavier material for your bed sheets, such as Flannel. Additionally, down comforters are a great way to cut heating costs. You won’t need to crank your thermostat, to stay warm at night, when your insulating blankets are keeping you warm!

Throw Rugs

10% of your home’s heat loss occurs through your flooring. Add some throw rugs to your home, and instantly feel the difference!

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