Why Spring Cleaning is So Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

Cleaning Kitchen

Spring cleaning is a tradition that goes back centuries. However, it still has a lot of great uses in the modern age. Science shows the importance of a clean indoor environment for your entire well-being. We’re going to talk about it in this blog!

Physical Health

We’ll start with physical health. As HVAC pros, we interface directly with indoor air quality for our customers. It turns out that pollution contributes to dozens and dozens of physical health problems. One of the most obvious ones is seasonal allergies, which are especially big in spring.

Vacuuming and dusting regularly can actually limit the number of allergens that end up in the air that you breathe. Even if you have made these activities a part of your cleaning routine, a deep spring cleaning in those hard-to-reach areas can go that extra mile and set you up healthier air long-term. Remember to switch out your air filters monthly as well! It’s super easy and you don’t need an HVAC professional to do it!

Mental Health

Mental wellbeing is so important to consider as well. Sometimes it can be tough to find time to clean during our busy lives, but studies show that a clean, organized space can actually make you more productive. Clutter can negatively impact your mood and distract you from the task at hand.

It also feels great to feel more control over your environment. You can’t control everything, but you can make your bed in the morning is a good rule to live by. Our HVAC pros want you to feel in control of your home and would love to help with any HVAC-related needs you may have.

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