Air Conditioner Options For Home Renovations

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Home Air Conditioning Options

If you are in the midst of planning a renovation for your home in the Claxton area, you may also need to update your air conditioner, especially if your cooling load will increase significantly. In some renovation projects, the envelope and size of your home may remain intact, requiring minimal attention to comfort management. However, an increase in the square footage of your home through any type of addition can lead to a need for an adjustment to your home comfort equipment.

Advantages of Ductless Systems in Renovation Projects

One of the best air conditioner choices for home renovations is ductless technology. Because it can be difficult or expensive to tie a new room into an existing system of ductwork, the selection of ductless systems can bypass this need, allowing your existing equipment to remain intact while you address the needs of a specific new area of the home with ductless solutions. The energy demands for cooling Georgia homes are approximately twice the national average, and Claxton homes exceed the Georgia average by nearly 50 percent. A ductless air conditioner installation can be an affordable and reliable way to ensure efficient and comfortable air conditioning in that new addition to your residence.

High Efficiency Levels for Improved Home Performance

Your home renovation may involve simply updating structural and interior features without adding on. Tight home sealing can improve the efficiency of your existing system, but you may want to evaluate a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump along with smart thermostats to ensure that you can achieve precise comfort conditions while minimizing your energy usage. If your existing air conditioning equipment is at least 10 years old, you can expect to obtain dramatic results through reduced energy demands as you transition to a newer system.

At Dyess Air & Plumbing, we are available to evaluate your structural features and household comfort needs in Claxton and surrounding communities. Learn more as you read about our air conditioning services, or call us at (843) 242-0855 to discuss your air conditioner installation needs with an HVAC expert.

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