Why a Heat Pump Might Be The Best Option for Your Home


The HVAC industry has been dominated by furnaces and air conditioners for decades here in the United States. Despite this, continuing American innovation has introduced new machines and options in recent years. Now you can heat and cool your home without using any fossil fuels and using the exact same system through a heat pump. We’ll explain why a heat pump is a great way to go for your family’s heating and cooling needs.

How Does It Work?

Heat pumps run entirely off electricity and are able to do this because they don’t generate heat from fuel like a furnace would. Instead, they transfer heat between two units. One is outside and one is inside of your home. Using these two units, a heat pump can transfer heat in both directions allowing you to cool and heat your home with the same system.

The Pros

We want to explain everything there is to know about heat pumps, so you can decide if a heat pump system is right for you. Let’s start by talking about what benefits you can get from using a heat pump.

Cheaper Costs and Fewer Emissions

Since you can heat your home using solely electricity, this is much more efficient. Think about what sounds easier. Moving heat around or creating out of nothing. When you burn fossil fuels, there is an inherent inefficiency. In fact, until recent years it was not uncommon for furnaces to only be about 50% efficient. With a heat pump you’ll be moving heat in a much more controlled way and introducing less energy into the system. This all leads to cheaper costs.

Additionally, when you consider the detrimental effects of fossil fuel emissions on the greater environment, it makes a lot of sense to switch from your furnace if you have one.


You may not have considered this idea, but heat pumps are safer than furnaces. Again it comes back to the burning of fuel oil or natural gas. If you furnace has a leak or isn’t regularly maintained, you are at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning or a gas leak. You may not think it could happen to you, but thousands of families are affected by both of these problems every years with terrible consequences.

The Cons

For some families, a heat pump just isn’t the best option. We understand that which is why we sell HVAC systems across the entire spectrum. We want you to be well informed and make the right decision for your home, so here are some potential downsides to keep in mind.

Upfront Cost

Typically, systems that can run more efficiently are more difficult to install. The good news is that difference will eventually pay for itself, but it could take a while. When you start looking into more advanced and complex type of heat pump systems, these can be very difficult to install.

Lack of Raw Power

Look fossil fuels have a lot of benefits to them, too. One being that they can generate a lot of heat. This means that a furnace can heat up your home much more quickly than a heat pump can. If the air outside if 50 degrees, it’s going to take some time for your outdoor heat pump unit to extract heat from the air and bring it inside. A furnace can simply burn fuel and create really warm air right away.

Overall, it’s ultimately your decision which heating and cooling system is best for you. You have the power as a consumer to decide what unit to go for. However, whatever you decide, we’d love to help you through it!

If you’re interested in an HVAC installation, fill out our form online or call us at (843) 242-0855. Our technicians are trained in cleanliness and take the utmost care and caution when helping your home.

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