Alternative Heating Methods to Help You Save

pie in the oven for the holidays

It's that time of year again when the cold weather creeps in, the heater starts running constantly, and your energy bills skyrocket. Before you reach to turn up the thermostat, consider using these alternative solutions to heat your space, shared by the experts at Dyess Air & Plumbing.

Leave Your Oven Open After Cooking

After you finish cooking, don't forget to leave the oven open. This simple trick allows the heat from the oven to warm your space naturally—and it's totally free! If using this method, remember to keep a close eye on children and pets to ensure they don't burn themselves.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Settings

Depending on your ceiling fan, you can toggle the settings between summer mode and winter mode. During winter, select the "reverse" setting (so it spins clockwise), which will help circulate warm air from your heater more efficiently throughout the room.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Open your curtains on sunny days and let natural sunlight heat your space! This free source of heat doesn't just make your space brighter—it can also reduce your energy bills by allowing you to turn your heater off for a few hours. Just don't forget to close the drapes once the sun goes down, as leaving windows uncovered can have the opposite effect at night.

Utilize Floor & Wall Insulation

Insulate your space by using floor and wall insulation. Adequate insulation is crucial if you have a basement or crawl space that may lose heat quicker than other parts of the house. Clever insulation placement will help keep your home warmer for extended periods, reducing the need to run your heater as often.

By using these alternative heating methods to ease the burden on your heater, you can help save on your energy bills this winter. You can have a warm and cozy home without breaking the bank with a few simple steps. Happy heating!

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