3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

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Most homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, which means that the house is well-sealed and well-insulated. This makes your home cozy and warm during the winter. But what many Rincon, Georgia, homeowners don’t know is that a well-sealed home can actually cause indoor air quality to suffer when it’s cold outside. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure your home has healthy, allergen-free air this winter. 

Use Proper Ventilation

During the winter, you want your home to be sealed to keep cold air out and warm air inside. But a completely sealed home will also keep contaminants inside, such as those coming from your gas or propane stove, wood-burning fireplace, water heater, or dryer. Making sure that these appliances are properly maintained and ventilated means your home will stay free of combustion contaminants. 

Buy an Air Purifier

If you notice anyone in your family developing coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, or wheezing during the winter, it might be time to invest in an air purifier. These can be symptoms of indoor allergies, which can be caused by numerous things. An air purifier helps to purify your indoor air, filtering out pet dander and other allergens. People and pets are inside more often during the winter, increasing exposure to allergens. 

Control the Sources of Allergens

There are countless sources of allergens in your home, but it’s important to control the ones you can, like noxious chemicals. Many cleaning agents release volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Look for cleaning supplies that are labeled VOC-free or green to limit your exposure.

Even if implementing just one or two of these tactics improves your indoor air quality, don’t hesitate to use all three. Ensuring proper ventilation, using an air purifier, and controlling sources of VOCs in your home are the three steps recommended by the EPA for good indoor air quality year-round.

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