Don’t Do It All Yourself: 6 Reasons to Hire an HVAC Contractor

Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling a portion of your house, or just getting some much-needed updates, hiring a reputable HVAC contractor is always a good idea. Even if you’re a perennial do-it-yourself handyman, there are certain aspects that are easier with the help of a qualified professional. The next time you have a project at your Rincon, Georgia, home, consider these reasons to enlist the help of a qualified HVAC technician.

Technical Knowledge

With the aid of sites like YouTube, many homeowners now watch videos to complete projects at their home for minimal cost. However, this doesn’t always translate well to HVAC systems. Because these system have complex and delicate parts, you may not have the knowledge to fix them. This can cause problems in the future, leading to more excessive repair bills, and in a worst-case scenario, an entirely new HVAC system.

However, highly trained, NATE-certified technicians take the guesswork out of HVAC installation and repair. They’ve taken certification and continued education classes to learn the ins and outs of each HVAC system. By entrusting them with this work, you won’t have to worry about a catastrophic error or system failure due to any oversights on your part.

Warranty Protection

Many HVAC systems come with a 10-year parts warranty or some type of other guarantee to replace the system should it falter, yet many homeowners unknowingly void these warranties by tinkering with the HVAC system on their own. Because most warranties require a licensed technician to do any repair work, it’s important to take a look at the warranty paperwork before you start any repairs on your own. When in doubt, always call a professional to make any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Planned Maintenance Agreements

Another solid reason to choose an HVAC contractor instead of doing the work yourself is a planned maintenance agreement. When you sign up for one of our plans, you receive discounts and priority service over other customers. With this level of service, you can rest easy knowing that your system will get the attention it deserves without fear of your air conditioner or furnace breaking when you need it most.

Ensuring Your Safety

Repairing or replacing the HVAC system in your home has its fair share of risks. Units are typically connected to several power sources, including electric, oil, or natural gas. If you do a repair on your own yet don’t follow the proper guidelines, it could put your safety in jeopardy. Electric shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, and R-22 leaks are all potentially lethal possibilities if your unit is not serviced by a licensed HVAC technician. Professionals will also ensure that your indoor air quality is top-notch before they leave the job.

Even if you think you know what you’re doing, one slip-up could cause an alarming situation that may also cost more money to fix than if you just hired a technician in the first place.


If you’re a skeptic, you may not think that a technician has what it takes to fix your problem or install a system, even if they’re certified. However, the experience is key. Most HVAC technicians have seen nearly every problem and unit out there. This means that they have the experience to fix the problem or perform an installation with expert precision and in less time than you could do it yourself.

Adding Value to Your Home and Protecting Your Investment

Aside from the positive technical impact from hiring a licensed HVAC contractor, there’s also the concern of protecting your investment and even adding value to your home. If you need a new HVAC unit, technicians can do complex calculations that will help you choose the perfect system for your home. Undersized or oversized units can cause massive energy bills or leave drafty areas in your home, and if you go to sell it at some point, potential buyers will take notice.

For many homeowners, doing work around their home on their own is a source of pride. However, there’s no need to be stubborn or feel embarrassed by asking for help. When you contact Dyess Air & Plumbing, our technicians will take care of the problem professionally and quickly so you can get on with your day. Give us a call today at (843) 242-0855 .