4 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable Yet Improve Energy Efficiency This Spring and Summer

Spring ushers in rebirth, comfortable temperatures, and an avenue to go outside after the long winter. However, with hot summer days, you spend a huge amount of your time indoors. Fortunately, you can remain comfortable in your Rincon, Georgia, home while improving its energy efficiency. Here’s how to get started.

Get an Air Conditioner Tuneup

Because the temperatures were a bit cooler during winter, your air conditioner went into dormancy. It surely enjoyed its nice vacation, but now it’s time to get it into tip-top condition by scheduling a tuneup. We’ll find problems before they get out of control, make adjustments to ensure the mechanical integrity of your unit, and improve functionality so you’re feeling great all spring and into the summer.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats provide something for everyone. They learn your behavior and allow you to change the temperature anywhere in the world via a Wi-Fi connection. They also allow zonal control of the rooms in your home. In short, a smart thermostat does it all. With a small investment compared to other HVAC upgrades, you can enjoy amazing temperatures and comfort with minimal effort.

Open the Drapes

Keeping your home energy-efficient is easier than you think. Opening the blinds and drapes during the day lets the sun’s rays pour into your home, providing warmth if the temperatures aren’t up to your liking. If it’s warm outside, do the opposite. The best part is that it costs you nothing.

Making your home comfortable yet energy-efficient isn’t a difficult task. It just requires due diligence and a contractor you can trust. That’s when you should call DyessAir at (843) 242-0855.

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