Causes of False Temperature Readings

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Is Your Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature?

You might feel crazy when your thermostat reads the wrong temperature, especially if it says 70 degrees when it's boiling. Not only is this frustrating, but it affects your HVAC system, which uses the thermostat to regulate the heating and cooling unit. You might be quick to think the problem is significant, but many times it’s easily solvable. Read on to see what could be wrong. 

Potential Causes of Wrong Thermostat Readings

External Heat Sources

The location of your thermostat can cause false readings. If your thermostat is close to other external heat or cooling sources, your temperature might read differently than the rest of the house. For example, if your thermostat is right above an air vent, or near a lot of electronics, that extra heat might make your thermostat read warmer than the temperature in the rest of your home. Make sure to be thoughtful when installing a new thermostat or perhaps consider moving it if false temperature readings have become an ongoing issue.

Malfunction or Dead Batteries

Sometimes the problem isn’t complicated. Dead batteries or an aging or malfunctioning thermostat might be the issue. First, check the batteries to make sure they aren’t low or dead. If that’s not the issue, you may need to have an HVAC contractor check the thermostat for signs of malfunctioning or if the problem is with your HVAC system.

If your thermostat is old, then you might want to consider upgrading it regardless. A new thermostat can actually save you money on your monthly utility bills because it can be more precise, and you can program it to save energy as well.

Drafty Rooms

If your home isn’t sealed well and you have drafts, rooms might feel different temperatures because the HVAC system can’t heat or cool your home correctly. A bonus room might not have enough insulation to stay heated properly and therefore won’t be the same temperature as the rest of the house. If you have windows or doors that leak, it’s going to feel like a different temperature than your thermostat reading.

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