Is Your Air Conditioner Tripping Its Circuit Breaker?

Picture this: In the midst of a sweltering South Carolina summer, your air conditioner suddenly trips your circuit breaker and stops working. You reset the circuit breaker, turn on the air conditioner, and it happens again.

Why Do Air Conditioners Trip Circuit Breakers?

An air conditioner will trip a circuit breaker when it’s using more amps than the circuit breaker can handle. If your AC is drawing 30 amps, but the circuit breaker is only rated for 20 amps, your AC will trip the circuit breaker and the system will turn off. A tripped circuit breaker is actually a good thing. It protects your home’s electrical system from overly-strong currents that could cause damage or start a fire.

What Causes An Air Conditioner To Draw Too Many Amps?

A dirty air filter that’s blocking the flow of air can cause your AC motor to overheat and trip the breaker. There could be a short in the air conditioner’s motor, or the outside AC unit might be dirty and in need of AC maintenance. Sometimes the circuit breaker itself is at fault and needs replacement.

What Happens If My AC Motor Is Overheating?

When an AC motor overheats and runs hot for any length of time, the wiring can melt and start a fire. In most cases, the circuit breaker will trip before things get out of hand, but not always. If your air conditioner continues to trip the circuit breaker, turn the system off and call for air conditioning repair immediately.

Is Air Conditioning Service The Only Way To Keep A Circuit Breaker From Tripping?

If your air conditioner’s filter is dirty or clogged, replacing it or cleaning it will usually solve the problem. If the filter is fine but the problem persists, play it safe. Call an experienced HVAC contractor for air conditioning repair. If you need emergency air conditioning service in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, visit Dyess Air & Plumbing or call (843) 242-0855.

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