The Importance of Ventilation

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When we get to the beach, we take a long, deep breath in, and, as we release the air, most of us exclaim, “ahhhh, fresh air”. As humans, we not only enjoy fresh air, we need it to survive. And, as much as we would all love to spend all day at the beach breathing clean air, we have jobs, families, and homes to attend to. The reality is, we need clean air in our homes.

Believe it or not, the air quality inside your home can become polluted. Air quality heavily depends on ventilation. If your home has inadequate ventilation, you can come in contact with a myriad of health issues for you, your family, and your home. Not to mention, your indoor climate will be uncontrolled and unreliable. Here is a list of the positive impacts proper ventilation will have on your home.

The Benefits of Good Ventilation

  1. Stop Condensation

When you take a hot shower, your bathroom fills with steam. When you cook on your stove, or in your oven, your entire kitchen heats up. After either activity, there is added moisture in your home. If your bathroom fans and kitchen fans are not sucking out the additional moisture, mold will likely grow. This then leads to compromised indoor air quality and can cause an increase in allergy symptoms, perpetual respiratory issues, and in severe cases, cause nervous system disorders.

Proper ventilation removes moisture from the air, preventing mold from settling in your environment.

  1. Comfortable Climate

Your cool air comes directly from your ventilation system. So, if your air ducts are blocked, or dirty, this air is not delivered as well as it is from a clean, clog-free duct. Maintaining your air conditioning system includes managing your ductwork. Air ducts can also sprout leaks, jeopardizing your flow of cool air. When you have a leak, you most likely crank up your air conditioning unit to balance out the loss of cool air you’re experiencing, causing your utility costs to skyrocket.

Satisfactory ventilation will give your home the cool climate you crave, in an efficient and effective manner.

  1. Air Regulation

You want the ability to control your airflow. Without ventilation, your home can become strikingly stuffy or become exceedingly cold and dry. Both scenarios are unpleasing.

With installed ventilation systems, you will be able to control the air in your home, putting it where you want, when you want it, and how you want it, with ease.

  1. Reduces Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can lead to numerous health implications. Headaches, allergies, rashes, asthma, and sinus infections are common results of poor indoor air quality. You can avoid all of these potential dangers by installing a good home ventilation system.

For all your home ventilation needs, contact Dyess Air & Plumbing, at (843) 242-0855. We guarantee good air quality.

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