Why is My Smoke Alarm So Sensitive?

smoke detector

Deciphering the Detector

Smoke alarms are an essential safety feature for every household that can save lives and property. It’s crucial that these alarms are in working condition in order to safely monitor your home.

However, if it seems as though your smoke detector goes off at the slightest sign of steam or smoke, you may be able to stop the headaches and fanning of kitchen towels and get to the bottom of your sensitive alarm.

Dirt and Grime

Many homeowners forget that smoke detectors require cleaning just as much as any other household component. If your alarm has accumulated a lot of dust, its sensors could become overly sensitive. Be sure to clean your alarm often to avoid excessive build-up.


If your smoke alarm is in close quarters with your stove or shower, it is bound to sense the slightest bit of steam or smoke more easily. If you’re dealing with an alarm every time you shower or slightly overcook your chicken, consider moving the alarm!

Old Age

Even smoke alarms have a retirement age! There may be a time when your smoke alarm sensitivity issues are simply due to the fact that you need a replacement unit. This new unit should solve your frequent beeping troubles.

Keep Your Alarm In-Tact

Your smoke alarms are items you must keep around for the long-haul. Here are some of our tips on keeping it in excellent working condition:

  • Replace the batteries every six months, or do it during daylight saving time when you change your clocks!
  • Clean the unit every so often to remove dust.
  • Replace detectors that are over 8 years old.

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