What Should I Know When I Switch from Air Conditioning to Heating?

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The transition from summer air conditioning activity to fall and winter heating can be like a tug-of-war at times. You may be tempted to turn the heat on during a chilly Georgia morning while needing cooling action in the afternoon. Your thermostat may get a workout during the fall months, but your main concern should be the condition of your heating equipment. Before you switch the settings, be sure that you have your annual heating maintenance completed.

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Although incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning peak during the winter months, fall is the time to address the risk. Your heating system, especially if it uses gas or oil, can be a major risk if it has not been well-maintained. Pre-season maintenance allows for ventilation issues to be addressed so that the risk of CO poisoning is minimized. It is also wise to install CO monitors in your home to identify dangers if they arise.

Heating tune-ups also allow for electric connections and various parts of the system to be inspected and tested. Needed cleaning of dirty heat exchangers and other parts may mitigate energy-efficiency issues, counteracting the typical reductions in system performance that occur because of normal wear and tear. Further, the identification and replacement of worn parts may reduce your risk of a heating emergency during the winter.

End-of-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is typically scheduled in the spring, but you can also handle some end-of-season needs as your demand for cooling ends. You may want to lightly spray the condenser coils at your outside unit to remove dirt that has collected in recent months. You’ll also want to keep the area clear of falling leaves and other forms of debris. Remember to schedule a tune-up next spring to ensure that you have efficient and reliable performance when the summer heat returns.

For reliable year-round service with your Georgia HVAC system, you can depend on Dyess Air & Plumbing for expertise and assistance. Check out our planned maintenance plans online, or call our Bluffton office at (843) 242-0855  to discuss your needs today.

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