Is Spring the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance?

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While the residents of Claxton, Georgia, don’t see the same winters as many of the northeast states, there are still plenty of wet, cold days that stress their heating and air conditioning systems. Now that the hot weather is approaching, ask yourself: Is spring the best time for HVAC maintenance?

How Essential Is Your HVAC Annual Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance is preventive, much like getting the oil changed on your car or your tire pressure checked. If you drive without ever checking the air in the tires, you end up paying more for gas. Failing to get regular oil changes, reduce the lifespan of your car’s engine.

HVAC maintenance means a more energy-efficient system, which is especially important during the hot summer months when the AC runs non-stop. It also increases the shelf life of the equipment and reduces the number of emergency service calls you need to keep the AC running.

What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

Think of annual maintenance as a checkup for your HVAC system. A typical yearly evaluation will include:

  • Assessment of all thermostat settings to make sure the sensors function correctly.
  • Tightening of electrical connections, including measuring the voltage on the motors to make sure the equipment is safe and running at peak.
  • Lubrication of all moving parts to cut friction and to improve motor function.
  • Inspection of the condensate drain. This is the drain that prevents a buildup of condensation around your air conditioner, or heat pump.

The technician will assess and clean the air conditioner unit, as dirty coils affect the AC’s efficiency. At the same time, we’ll look at the refrigerant level and adjust it if necessary. Our technician will take the time to discuss things you can do to lower your energy bill during the summer as well.

Spring is indeed the right time for HVAC maintenance. Call now for an appointment at (843) 242-0855 or visit our website for more information about annual checkups.

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